What is organic - organic foods, organic products

Organic foods and organic products in general are probably the healthiest thing you can buy on the EU market. There are plenty of studies trying to prove the effects of organic foods, some of them confirms great benefits, other says that there is no difference to usually processed foods.

This page is about to give you an idea how organic products are being made and how organic foods are being grown. The decision if there are any benefits in eating organic foods is up to you. Here you can find leads and informations that can help you decide by your own judgement which of those studies you will trust.

100% Organic (Pure organic)

Pure organic products and foods are such products where for all the steps during growth, processing and conserving were used only organic farming and only organic additives, colouring and organic conservants. There are countries in EU where pure organic products are the only allowed by law to be served to kids at state nursery and schools.

100% Organic products

Growing and processing organic products

Organic products are produced by organic farming. The growing and processing of the product must be in compliance with ecological and organic procedures from at least 95% in all chain of growing and processing. None of prohibited additives or conservants may be added, also non natural colouring are prohibited.

Ecological farming

Restricted additives and conservants

Organic products a organic foods are free of known harmful additives, only natural colouring and non harmful conservants are allowed to be used in production process. Most of usually used additives, colours and conservants are not allowed in organic products. Some of disallowed in organic are allowed to use in Bio products. The list of main additives and conservants are shown in organic versus bio comparative table on this website.

Organic conservating

GMO in Organic products

Any organic food in EU that contains GMO (Genetically modified organism) is not organic.

GMO and its derivates are strictly prohibited in EU organic products or organic foods.

Organic tomatoes

What is organic product

Organic product is a product produced by organic farming where in the chain of production was used at least 95% of organic compounds and techniques and no disallowed additives were used.

What is bio product

Bio product is a product produced by ecological or organic farming where in the chain of production was used at least 70% of organic compounds and techniques and no disallowed additives were used.

What are natural foods

Products labeling as "natural product" doesn't mean they are Organic or Bio. Labeling as "natural product" is a marketing move of producers. Usually those products are quite the opposite of Organic.

What is organic farming

Organic farming is more strict type of ecological farming where the list of allowed substances and pesticides is shorter then with ecological farming. Organic farming strictly limits or mostly excludes all petrochemical products, grown hormones and antibiotics.

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