Organic or Bio

Labeling products as "Bio" is far more older than the Organic labeling. Most of countries in EU have their own national wide label for Bio products. Bio foods are like organic foods products of ecofarming, but they are not regulated EU wide.

Each member state of the European union has its own rules and legislation for bio products, therefore the specifications in each country may vary, but in common all bio products must have at least 70% of natural compounds, additives and conservants and must be produced by ecofarming.

Comparation table

 BioOrganic *
EU wide quality standardsNoYes
EU wide unified labelingNoYes
Minimum of organic compound70%95%
Tested and certified by authoritiesvary per
member state
Allowance of non-organic additivesBasicStrict
Allowance of non-organic colouringBasicStrict
Allowance of non-organic conservantsBasicStrict
Allowed additivesvary per
member state

*EU wide values

List of allowed additives in organic foods and products

Here is a table of all permitted additives in organic foods that you can compare with allowed bio products additives in different EU countries.

E 153: Vegetable carbonE 333: Calcium citratesE 440(i): Pectin
E 160b: Annatto, Bixin, NorbixinE 334: Tartaric acidE 464: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
E 170: Calcium carbonateE 335: Sodium tartratesE 500: Sodium carbonates
E 220: Sulphur dioxide or
E 224: Potassium metabisulphite
E 336: Potassium tartratesE 501: Potassium carbonates
E 250: Sodium nitrate or
E 252: Potassium nitrate
E 341(i): Monocalcium phosphateE 503: Ammonium carbonates
E 270: Lactic acidE 400: Alginic acidE 504: Magnesium carbonates
E 290: Carbon dioxideE 401: Sodium alginateE 509: Calcium chloride
E 296: Malic acidE 402: Potassium alginateE 516: Calcium sulphate
E 300: Ascorbic acidE 406: AgarE 524: Sodium hydroxide
E 301: Sodium ascorbateE 407: CarrageenanE 551: Silicon dioxide
E 306: Tocopherol-rich extractE 410: Locust bean gumE 553b: Talc
E 322: LecithinsE 412: Guar gumE 938: Argon
E 325: Sodium lactateE 414: Arabic gumE 939: Helium
E 330: Citric acidE 415: Xanthan gumE 941: Nitrogen
E 331: Sodium citratesE 422: GlycerolE 948: Oxygen

Why aren't natural foods and natural products mentioned

Product label named "Natural" or any logo pointing to "Natural product" means absolutely nothing, it is only a marketing "trick" of producers and sellers to sell their product. So called natural products are neitner Organic or Bio, also there is no additional value of those products.

However some products labeled with "natural" may still be organic or bio, for further information on such product you should read carefuly the product description on its wrapping.

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