Why eat organic foods and use organic products

Organic products are currently the top quality foods you can buy. They are without harmful additives, unnatural conservation compounds and they are processed in the spirit of eco farming. All those aspects are reasons to organic foods to taste much better and they stay fresh for longer time, on the other side stands their price which is usually and especially in big urban aglomerations, higher than price for same non organic product.

Ecological production

Organic foods are grown in a way that goes along with the eco system of our planet with high pressure on preserving Nature and natural environment in the region where those are grown. Growing and breeding is usually done by using the original procedures and higher usage rate of man power than machine power.

Ecological food production

Animal welfare

The eco farming standards are far beyond the minimum requirements specified by the EU directives for breeding and slaughtering of animals. For example the living space of animals on farms is significantly bigger than on factory farms. Therefore we can say that organic product label is a garancy of animal welfare.

Organic animal welfare

Eating organic food means eating more healthy ?

There are many studies about organic foods and their effects on human body, some are coming with conclusions about big benefits for the body and health others are saying that there is no difference to usualy processed foods. However there are studies about harmful effects of several additions that are used in usualy processed foods, but those are strictly restricted in organic foods.

Organic food

Does eating organic food prevents allergies ?

Allergies are still a bit of undiscovered country of biology, but there are leads suggesting that some allergy reactions are caused by foods additions a compounds used in commonly processed foods. Based on those studies we can assume that eating organic food may help you to limit or lose your allergy is on place.

Organic food

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